The Faculty of the

School of Computer Science

The Academic College of Tel-Aviv

Dean: Dalit Naor 2021-
About the school

The School of Computer Science was established in 1994 with the inauguration of the Academic College of Tel־Aviv-Yaffo, which is located in, well, Tel־Aviv-Yaffo. The school is considered one of the largest in Israel, and offers both B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Computer Science, while striving to maintain a high level in both the theoretical and practical studies. The majority of our students integrate successfully into the high-tech industry, and some proceed to higher academic studies in leading universities in Israel and worldwide. Our staff is dedicated to both teaching and research. Among the main research fields explored by our staff are Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms and Theoretical Computer Science, Computer Science Education, Mathematics and in particular Group Theory, Logic and Combinatorics.

Recent Selected Publications

Michal Parnas, Dana Ron and Adi Shraibman Property Testing of the Boolean and Binary Rank Theory of Computing Systems (2021) June 3, 2021
Carmi Merimovich Mathias Like Criterion for the Extender Based Prikry Forcing Annals of Pure and Applied Logic May 18, 2021
Bernhard Beckert, Mihai Herda, Michael Kirsten and Shmuel Tyszberowicz Integration of Static and Dynamic Analysis Techniques for Checking Noninterference Deductive Software Verification: Future Perspectives December 4, 2020
Elazar Goldenberg, Aviad Rubinstein and Barna Saha Does Preprocessing help in Fast Sequence Comparisons? STOC 2020 June 8, 2020
Jesse Heyninck and Ofer Arieli Simple contrapositive assumption-based argumentation frameworks Int. J. Approx. Reason. March 5, 2020
Keren Hochman, Amir Averbuch, Alon Schclar and Raid Saabni A Manifold Learning Framework for the Detection of Cardiac Disorders in Acoustic Signals Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods (ICPRAM 2020) February 2020

Former Deans

Gideon Dror 2016-2021
Michal Parnas 2011-2016
Boris Epstein 2004-2010
Shimon Even 2003-2004
Amiram Yehodai 2000-2003
Michael Tarsi 1995-1999