Tel-Aviv Academic College

Computer Science

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Ofer Arieli

Prof. Ofer Arieli

Office: 364

E-Mail: oarieli@mta.ac.il

Personal site: https://www2.mta.ac.il/~oarieli, https://ofer-arieli.github.io

Research Interests

Applications of logic in Computer Science and AI, Paraconsistent logics

Teaching Topics

Logic for Computer science, Computability, Database systems

Nili Beck

Dr. Nili Beck

Office: 361

E-Mail: becknili@mta.ac.il

Research Interests

Combinatorial optimization and algorithms in graphs

Teaching Topics

Probability and statistics, Operations research and continuous optimization, computer programming

Omer Berkman

Dr. Omer Berkman

Office: 359

E-Mail: omer@mta.ac.il

Personal site: http://www2.mta.ac.il/~omer

Research Interests

Algorithms, Security protocols, Econometrics

Teaching Topics

Complexity, Cryptography, Security of Computerized Data, Topics in Theoretical Computer Science

Yossi Bezalel

Yossi Bezalel

Office: 354

E-Mail: yossi@mta.ac.il

Teaching Topics

Linear Algebra, Differential and Integral Calculus

Adam Chapman

Prof. Adam Chapman

Office: 356

E-Mail: adamch@mta.ac.il

Research Interests

Central Simple Algebras, Quadratic Forms

Teaching Topics

Calculus, Linear Algebra

Boaz Cohen

Dr. Boaz Cohen

Office: 357

E-Mail: boazc@mta.ac.il

Research Interests

Elementary and Algebraic Number Theory, Finite Fields

Teaching Topics

Linear algebra, Discrete mathematics, Calculus

Sarel Cohen

Dr. Sarel Cohen

Office: 343

E-Mail: sarelco@mta.ac.il

Research Interests

Design and analysis of algorithms and data-structures, Dynamic and fault-tolerant algorithms, Machine learning and deep learning

Teaching Topics

Object Oriented Programming and C++, Machine Learning with Python, The Competitive Programming Workshop, Competitive Programming with Deep Learning Workshop, Startup Collaborations Workshop

Alex Coman

Dr. Alex Coman

Office: 363

E-Mail: coman@mta.ac.il

Teaching Topics

Systems analysis, Project management, Operations Management, Final project

Gideon Dror

Prof. Gideon Dror

former dean

Office: 362

E-Mail: gideon@mta.ac.il

Research Interests

Machine learning, Recommender systems, Natural Language Processing

Teaching Topics

Database Management systems, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Advanced Programming in C

Iris Gaber

Dr. Iris Gaber

Office: 365

E-Mail: gaber@mta.ac.il

Research Interests

Computer Science Education, Mathematical Education

Teaching Topics

Advanced Programming in C, Object Oriented Programming and C++ Language, Mathematical Reasoning, Data Structures, Algorithms, Milestones in the History of Mathematics

Elazar Goldenberg

Dr. Elazar Goldenberg

Office: 360

E-Mail: elazargo@mta.ac.il

Research Interests

Fine grained complexity, string matching algorithms

Teaching Topics

Introduction to logic and set theory, linear algebra and applications

Prof. Ishay Haviv

Office: 344

Teaching Topics

Discrete Mathematics, Complexity

Lior Kamma

Dr. Lior Kamma

Office: 340

E-Mail: liorkm@mta.ac.il

Research Interests

combinatorics, graph algorithms, data structure lower bounds and machine learning

Teaching Topics

computer science theory, mathematics foundations for computer

Gil Kaplan

Prof. Gil Kaplan

Office: 368

E-Mail: gilk@mta.ac.il

Research Interests

Group Theory, Combinatorics

Teaching Topics

Algebra, Group Theory, Calculus

Amir Kirsh

Amir Kirsh

Office: 339

E-Mail: amirk@mta.ac.il

Research Interests

Computer Science Education, Mathematical Education, Software Software Languages Design and Evolution

Teaching Topics

Object Oriented Programming and C++ Language, Advanced Topics in Programming, Software Projects, Teaching Software Programming for Youth and Kids

Arieh Lev

Prof. Arieh Lev


E-Mail: arieh@mta.ac.il

Teaching Topics

Linear Algebra, Differential and Integral Calculus, Mathematical Reasoning

Dan Levy

Prof. Dan Levy

Office: 358

E-Mail: danlevy@mta.ac.il

Research Interests

Finite Group theory

Teaching Topics

Discrete mathematics, Linear algebra, Introduction to number theory

Carmi Merimovich

Dr. Carmi Merimovich

Office: 366

E-Mail: carmi@carmimerimovich.net

Research Interests

Set theory (Forcing)

Teaching Topics

Operating Systems, Operating Systems Engineering, Computer Architecture, Digital Design

Dalit Naor

Prof. Dalit Naor


Office: 341

E-Mail: dalit.naor@mta.ac.il

Personal site: https://www.dalitnaor.com

Research Interests

Storage systems and cloud storage, Cloud platforms, Data preservation

Teaching Topics

Cloud architectures, Storage Systems for Big Data

Michal Parnas

Prof. Michal Parnas

Former dean, VP of academic affairs

Office: 302

E-Mail: michalp@mta.ac.il

Personal site: http://www2.mta.ac.il/~michalp

Research Interests

Property testing, Sublinear time algorithms, Combinatorics

Teaching Topics

Algorithms, Data structures

Mor Perry

Dr. Mor Perry

Office: 337

E-Mail: morpy@mta.ac.il

Research Interests

Distributed algorithms, Network algorithms, Graph theory

Teaching Topics

Data Structures, Computational Complexity, Introduction to Computer Networks

Ella Rabinovich

Dr. Ella Rabinovich

Office: 336

E-Mail: ellara@mta.ac.il

Research Interests

Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Information Retrieval

Teaching Topics

Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning with Python

Yehuda Roditty

Prof. Yehuda Roditty


E-Mail: jr@mta.ac.il

Research Interests

Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Gossiping and Broadcasting

Raid Saabni

Dr. Raid Saabni

Office: 355

E-Mail: raidsa@mta.ac.il

Research Interests

Machine learning, Neural Networks, Historical Document Image Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Image and Signal processing

Teaching Topics

Introduction to Computer Science, Computer Structure, Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Computational Geometry

Adi Shraibman

Prof. Adi Shraibman

Office: 369

E-Mail: adish@mta.ac.il

Personal site: http://www2.mta.ac.il/~adish/

Research Interests

Theory of algorithms, Learning theory, Information theory, Computational complexity in particular communication complexity, Application of geometric tools in these fields

Teaching Topics

Introduction to computer science, data structures, linear algebra, introduction to machine learning

Dorit Shweiki

Dr. Dorit Shweiki

Office: 335

E-Mail: dorits@mta.ac.il

Research Interests

Bioinformatics, Genomics, Sexual dimorphism in human pathologies

Teaching Topics

Genes and Environment in Human Heredity, Biology Sessions, The science of Nobel prizes, Cognition, Neuropsychiatric disorders, Genetics

Esti Stein

Dr. Esti Stein

Office: 333

E-Mail: esterst@mta.ac.il

Research Interests

Reconfigurable networks, Parallel programming, Compiler Optimizations

Teaching Topics

Computer architecture, Assembly language, Parallel/Vector programming over GPUs, Advanced topics in econfigurable meshes

Moshe Sulamy

Dr. Moshe Sulamy

Office: 367

E-Mail: moshesu@mta.ac.il

Research Interests

Distributed computing, parallel/multiprocessor programming

Teaching Topics

Introduction to Operating Systems

Shmuel (Tysh) Tyszberowicz

Prof. Shmuel (Tysh) Tyszberowicz

Office: 355

E-Mail: tyshbe@mta.ac.il

Research Interests

Formal methods, Software engineering, Reactive systems

Romina Zigdon

Dr. Romina Zigdon

Dean assistant

Office: 353

E-Mail: rominazi@mta.ac.il

Research Interests

Extreme problems in combinatorics, graph theory, mathematical education

Teaching Topics

Introduction to logic and set theory, linear algebra, discrete mathematics, calculus, mathematical reasoning, graph theory